Paracord bracelet with skull and hex nuts

We just got these new skulls in and I had to make up some wrist wear with them because they are just too awesome!! This bracelet comes with your choice of skull and hexnut combo, and of course our stainless steel spring loaded closure. You can look at our color choices for paracord to choose from. You can do one color or 2. In the notes, please say what colors you would like along with your wrist size. You can also choose, stainless steel, black, or green hex nuts!


1. COLOR 1(Outside color) (Picture provided of the colors we have)

2. COLOR 2(Inside color)

3. Skull type

4. Hexnut color

5. Wrist size

All of these are provided in the pictures for you to see

To order the perfect fit, follow the following steps:

1. First, you’ll need a ruler and a piece of thread.
2. Wrap the piece of thread lightly around your wrist.
3. Mark the piece of thread right were it meets the starting point.
4. Then measure that length on a ruler. Now you know what size to order!

NOTE: Do NOT add extra space to compensate for a comfortable fit. We take this into consideration when making your bracelet to ensure your bracelet will fit properly. If you add more length than what the measurement indicates, you will have a bracelet that is most likely too big/loose for your liking.

All of our paracord is true 550 cord U.S. goverment made, and hand tied by myself and staff here in Arizona. Thank you for choosing us!